The Instituto per gli Studi sul Mare and Macromania Events, in collaboration with the prestigious Fishermen's Cove Dive Resort, invites you to participate in the diving experience of a lifetime: MACROMANIA 2020.
This event promises to deliver a combination of unforgettable experiences. Our professionalism and passion for the sea allows us to organize an event which is a perfect mix between Underwater Nature Photography and Tropical Marine Biology, which will be the perfect opportunity for intrepid diving enthusiasts to explore and discover one the most famous marine "biodiversity hotspots" in the world - Puerto Galera on the island of Mindoro.
The direct observation of marine life during diving sessions and workshops dedicated to underwater macrophotography, marine biology and marine ecology will allow participants to discover the secrets and natural diversity of one of the most unusual, pristine and spectacular marine environments still in existence. Diving venues include reefs, "the mangrove forest" which flourish along the

coastline and typical sandy seabed's which at first sight look barren and inhospitable but are instead home to an extraordinary array of organisms that have evolved the most extraordinary colours and survival strategies.
In these varied and special environments live the Jewels of Macromania - fish and invertebrates whose shapes, colours and behaviours will leave even the most demanding underwater photographer spellbound. The goal of this event is to show how underwater photography and exploration of marine ecosystems and sciences are intrinsically connected and how these disciplines complement each other.
It is essential to intimately know the reef, its communities, its rules and the lives and interactions of its inhabitants in order to understand and capture their precious biological moments. To do so, it is necessary to master the latest photographic techniques to do justice to the outstanding natural beauty of the marine ecosystem and to help others to understand the complex relationships that exist in the sea.

Topics and skills learned during the biology and photography workshops, together with the experience gained during diving, will be put to the test in a photographic competition at the end of the event. The competition will be evaluated by an internationally renowned jury that will examine the technical skills, the artistic beauty, and the biological content of the image and the "eco-friendly" approach of the photographer. The winning participants will not only return home with interesting prizes, but all participants will also return home with a new and more in-depth understanding and enhanced perception of underwater activities, underwater photography and with lifelong memories and appreciation of these magnificent biological communities and ecosystems.








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